Crack Paint

Crackle techniques are most often applied to represent an aged effect. A crackle effect can also be applied for interesting texture and backgrounds, and applied to mimic organic forms like tree bark.

December 25, 2016 Paint and Coating

Any surface in any form has the ability of accepting this paint, whether it is horizontal or vertical, even on the ceiling or any other certain spatial form of the components. Limitations of using this color:

  • For applying on large and continuous surfaces, non-air painting pumps must be used.
  • Applying the paint in a suitable painting environment according to environment ventilation and damp.

This paint has many various advantages including:

  • Applying two various paints over the surface at the same time that gives the ability of creating more harmony to the decorator.
  • Not representing defects of using the work surface for a long timed, whether it is the component or large surfaces including walls (various damages of the surface and the absence of a periodic regular cleaning)
  • The possibility of repairing surface damages in long term without painting the whole work.
  • Unlimited variety of different colors
  • The possibility of being applied on the plastic colorable surfaces without needing primers including ABS, Polystyrene and Himepack.
  • The possibility of being applied on various primers according to its structures
  • Requires no previous experience or special skills in the use of paint
  • The possibility of using various tools for applying the paint including palette knives, brushes, rollers, painting pumps (with or without air) and even multi-color painting pumps.


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